Major Events In Early Vertebrate Evolution: 61 (Systematics Association Special Volumes)

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Jamon, M. How vertebrates moved onto land.

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To the right Reisz festschrift , fossils on which Robert "Reptile" Reisz worked. Systematics beyond phylogenetics. Comptes Rendus Palevol 12 6 , — Cubo, J.

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Dites oui au PhyloCode! The appearance of limbed vertebrates—the stegocephalians; Lissamphibia.

Evolutionary Origins of Animal Skeletal Biomineralization

Farmington Hills, Michigan: Gale group. Recent work on stegocephalian evolution.

Bulletin of the Canadian Association of Herpetologists , 13 1 : Journal de l'APF , 65, pp. Tetrapod evolution. Jonathan Losos. Introduction on open access; full version through subscription. In Maddison, D. Terrestrial Vertebrates. Diapsid phylogeny. Autapomorphies of diapsid clades. Phylogeny and apomorphies of temnospondyls. Autapomorphies of the main clades of synapsids. Life History in Stegocephalians. Breathing in Stegocephalians.

Hearing in Stegocephalians.

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Hearing in stegocephalians. Phylogeny of Stegocephalians.

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Salzburger and A. Methods of palaeobiogeography. Although primarily a systematist and taxonomist, Peter made important contributions to phylogenetic theory and palaeobiogeography, with over publications, many of them monographic in scope. Aliso 87— Nature menu. The 'winged fish': Hugh Miller — Gunter, M.

Phylogeny and classification of amniotes. Temporal Fenestration and the Classification of Amniotes. Introduction to Anapsida. Anapsida: Fossil Record. Anapsida: Life History and Ecology. Anapsida: More on Morphology. Anapsida: Systematics. Introduction to Millerettidae. Introduction to Lanthanosuchidae. Introduction to Pareiasauria. Pareiasauria: More on Morphology. Introduction to Procolophonoidea. Procolophonoidea: More on Morphology. Introduction to the Tetrapoda. Systematics of the Tetrapods. Morphology of the Tetrapods. Pages created in the English version of Wikipedia except when specified otherwise :.

Anonymous, Salamanders in folklore. Parc des Buttes Chaumont. Quercy Phosphorites Formation. Jean Lescure. Jean Albert Gaudry. Friedrich von Huene. Three-taxon analysis. The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. List of phylogenetic analysis software. Robert L. Phylogenetic nomenclature. Polydactyly in early tetrapods. William Diller Matthew. Interface of Bone Profiler, a bilingual English and French program to analyze bone sections.

To the left, a cross-section of a turtle femur. To the right, a dialog box enabling users to select various modeling options. Gao F. Regressor software to perform linear regressions in batches, especially useful to asses results of simulations. View regressorjava1. AC3: Phylogenetic Independent Contrasts for Continuous and Categorical Variables experimental program mostly designed for testing the performance of various modifications of phylogenetic independent contrasts. View ac3.

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View simexport1. Modified ModelTest script to use a parsimony guide tree. Stratigraphic tools for Mesquite.

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Strat add for Mesquite. Bone Profiler. Interface of the Stratigraphic Tools for Mesquite. The windows to the top and left are specific to this package; the right window is from the stock version of Mesquite.

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Annecy, France, June 4, , p. Fossils, molecules, ontogeny, and the origin of extant amphibians. Oseguera-Montiel, P.

Guanajuato, Mexico, September 24, , p. Evolutionary radiation of Paleozoic limbed vertebrates.

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Problems in rank-based nomenclature. Marjanovic D. Gigantic study and surprising results for some about stegocephalian phylogeny and lissamphibian origins. Hangzhou and Tonglu, China, 15—21 August, Abstract booklet distributed on-site, p. Recent progress in early lissamphibian evolution: recent Parisian contributions. Taxa and clades in rank-based and phylogenetic nomenclature. Heterochrony analysis: from event pairing to continuous analysis.

Recent progress in assessing paleobiodiversity and its evolution through time. Strati meeting, Lisbon, July Review of methods of comparative analyses and paleobiological inference. Paris, Farnce, August 24, Faut-il classer le vivant? Dijon, France, January 31—February 3, , pp. The advantages of Phylogenetic Nomenclature over Linnean Nomenclature.

Laurin, m. Recent progress in paleontological dating of the Tree of Life. Paris, 26—28 November Program with abstracts abstract. Ascarrunz, E. Dating pipoid frog diversification. Tissier, J.

Chronology of the diversification of Cryptobranchoidea. Taphonomic and paleoecological studies suggest reproductive aggregation and social behavior in mesosaurs.